Below you will find quotes about Sport.

Pain doesn’t tell you when you ought to stop. Pain is the little voice in your head that tries to hold you back because it knows if you continue you will change.

As long as I breathe, I attack.

Brøndby is a good municipal brand. Now they just need to become a good football brand.

My parents have been there for me ever since I was 7 years old.

Shut up it was blowing out there and there was also a Spaniard who did not have learned that with not pissing against the wind. So he pissed and I got his piss on my leg. So I was not entirely happy with that.

I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you.

Whoever said “it’s not just about winning” probably said it after losing.

A lot of leaders fail because they don’t have the bravery to touch that nerve or strike that chord.

The top of it all is then, I really wished him (Solbakken, ed.) To get that victory goal made and piss on those farmers. And I want to be allowed to say “piss on those farmers” because those spectators do not deserve another name.

A true master stands up when he cannot.

Use your success, wealth and influence to put them in the best position to realize their own dreams and find their true purpose.

An ordinary Sunday

We did not underestimate them. They were just so much better than we expected.

If you fail in your preparation, you might as well prepare to fail.

It’s not over until it’s over.

I knew we had to drive on cobblestones, but I didn’t know they had thrown them down from a helicopter.

Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

I don’t believe in motivating a team. I believe in preparing a team so that they know that they have the necessary confidence when they go on the pitch – and are therefore prepared to play a good game.

They say cristiano ronaldo scores only against small teams? That’s true because there’s no bigger team than Real Madrid.

A football player will not do well if he can not run around Funen without breathing.

With stubbornness, you can turn defeats into amazing achievements.

Trust me, setting things up right from the beginning will avoid a ton of tears and heartache.

Hard work is more important than talent when talent does not want to work hard.

I have never made a prediction, nor will I ever do so.

The winner blames himself. The loser blames others.