Below you will find quotes about Football.

I think it was a really bad team they had assembled. I could not see what the party monkey and the toad face would help John Faxe Jensen with.

Football is a fairly simple sport. 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and in the end the Germans win!

I like Danish humour – I just wish you had more of it.

Many of the greatest talents are allowed to sloppy for training, and when I see the youth national team play, it strikes me that many of them are very focused on their hairstyles or Italian hair bands.

There are some who claim that football is a matter of life and death. It’s an attitude that disappoints me. I can assure you that football is much more than that!

A football player will not do well if he can not run around Funen without breathing.

I start a fire and every time I exercise, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I strike the match.

The winner blames himself. The loser blames others.

The top of it all is then, I really wished him (Solbakken, ed.) To get that victory goal made and piss on those farmers. And I want to be allowed to say “piss on those farmers” because those spectators do not deserve another name.

Bitter? No, it’s something we drink.

We must screw down the expectations. We have to change our tactics and play with long balls

I do not care if we lose every single match in the league as long as we win it

Professional soccer is not a social office.

Some people believe that football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with this attitude. I can guarantee that it is much more important than that.

An ordinary Sunday

If you are not ready to go all the way, why go anywhere at all.

If Per Bjerregaard wants to stop telling untruths about us, we will in turn fail to tell the truth about him.

If you train hard, you not only become hard yourself, you also become hard to overcome.

I do not, in principle, comment on judges. Especially not him here.

Sören Åkeby gets standing ovations when he says at a press conference that AGF will be Danish champions in three years, and there is not a single one who asks if he is raving insane.

They say cristiano ronaldo scores only against small teams? That’s true because there’s no bigger team than Real Madrid.

I don’t believe in motivating a team. I believe in preparing a team so that they know that they have the necessary confidence when they go on the pitch – and are therefore prepared to play a good game.

All footballers are motivated by money – those who say otherwise are lying.

They are some fools, excuse the expression, because they know the terms, and yet we must listen to the Norwegians’ pathetic statements every year. Many of us are fucking tired of that.

Is it cool to be Nicklas Bendtner right now? It’s always cool to be Nicklas Bendtner.