Below you will find quotes about Music.

My uncle always said: There are two kinds of music: country and western.

In the band, we only drink three drinks a day: two golden beers and a bottle of port.

People ask if it is difficult to play while drunk. It’s not, as long as you make sure you are when you practice.

Ike’s problem was that he was a musician who always wanted to be a star; and he was a star, locally, but never internationally… so he changed his name to Ike and changed my name to Tina, because if I ran away, Tina was his name. It was patented, as they say.

Being a rock star isn’t all fun and games. That’s a lot of money, too.

I have an agreement with Lilholt and Olsen that we always play a Dalton song when we’re out on a solo tour, as it costs 280 kroner in Koda tax. It’s not much, but for them it’s a lot.