Johnny Madsen

People ask if it is difficult to play while drunk. It’s not, as long as you make sure you are when you practice.

My uncle always said: There are two kinds of music: country and western.

You should always take women so beautiful that you can get rid of them again.

I have an agreement with Lilholt and Olsen that we always play a Dalton song when we’re out on a solo tour, as it costs 280 kroner in Koda tax. It’s not much, but for them it’s a lot.

In the band, we only drink three drinks a day: two golden beers and a bottle of port.

My family is so poor that we combined my father’s funeral with my 50th birthday.

We never played hide and seek when we were children. No one ever bothered to look for us.

Some of life’s big questions: Where do we come from, where are we going and where do we put the empty bottles?

I clearly remember the first time I had sex. I still have the receipt at home.