Simon Spies

I have no vices only desires.

I had to go through so horribly much before I found out to skip where the fence is lowest.

The hardest thing about doing good business is avoiding doing the bad ones.

If they want to be with sour and awkward people during their vacation, well, then they should probably choose another travel agency.

It may be that you can not buy love for money – but you can buy something similar to confusion.

You start by saving up 100 million kroner and take it from there.

I only earn 11 kroner per trip I sell, but it also becomes a part when I sell a million trips a year.

Take from the poor and give to the rich – and the land will become richer. Take from the rich, and give to the poor – and the land will become poorer. The poor have it in them to scrape the money away.

I think now it’s a bit of a shame the real blondes are on the verge of extinction.

Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all

How many cars do I have? Do I also have to count the Volvos?

I want a globe as a birthday present – in life size.

Money is not everything, only about 87.5 percent