Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

It’s – sorry my French – some damn nonsense. There are certainly also pig farmers and cattle farmers who go in clean boots and clothes. You will probably find most of them, so that is why it is nonsense.

I was raised in a free and liberal home. I have never felt threatened by other cultures, other colors or other ways of thinking. In 30 years, there will be more and more colors in the minds of the people who walk around our streets. And we want to move around a lot more ourselves. It is also necessary that we open up if we are to remain strong at that time.

Now the gossip must stop. Now I’m tired of getting sucked into your columns. Then you must sue me if you dare.

My old, wise father once said: Freedom of speech is a right to write and speak, not a duty! But of course: Freedom of speech is by its nature unlimited, and it applies to everyone, even the stupid and provocative.

If you have to improvise, you have to be well prepared.

If you can not join them, beat them.

It is better to have clean nails than soil between the ears.